Quality Assurance

We follow quality processes and let our independent certification speak for itself
ISO Quality assurance
Infratel is ISO 9001:2015 reg no 2305 quality registered.
The following of quality assurance guidelines is key to all elements of our business through project scoping, implementation, testing and sign-off.
Project management and quality control
Infratel have implemented a continual customer feedback program which allows our customers to immediately monitor the progress of all projects and provides us continual feedback on how we can improve our quality of service. We have developed an MS Access data base that allows us to provide tailored reports to track milestones and KPIs based on customer requirements.
Single area of expertise on turn key solutions
Underpinned by it’s adherence to quality processes, it’s strong project management methodology and it’s stock control/management systems, Infratel is not your ordinary engineering company. For many customers we act as the prime contractor able to deliver a turn key solution for our customers.
This includes design, civil site build to full commissioning and integration of the site, purchasing of key equipment, organising with third parties including provision of backhaul along with the implementation of a comprehensive testing regime and development of bespoke training programs.
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